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Miki Sakai HomePage!!

"Sakai Miki No Baai -Shiawase Mikipedia-" was published on 2011/7/4!
"Kamen Rider OOO WONDERFUL Shogun To 21 Core Medals" was road show on 2011/08/06! (as role of Gara + Wakaba Satsuki)
Miki-san started her official blog!! (2008/12/12)
Happy Marriage, Miki-san!!! (2008/05/07)
She acted in the FUJI-TV drama "Life" since 2007/06/30 every Saturday 23:10-23:55!
She stars in the FUJI-TV drama "Kurenai No Monshou" since 2006/10/02! (as role of Saegusa Junko) Every Monday to Friday!
The last chapter of HAKUSEN NAGASHI "Hakusen Nagashi - Yume Miru Koro Wo Sugitemo" was on-aired on 2005/10/07(Fri) 21:00-! My personal impression is HERE!!
"Tange Sazen" was successfully ended! My impression is HERE.
Official Fanclub "Micky Club" will be closed on 2003/04/30!!
She released her second picture book "EL TIEMPO" on 24th, September, 2002!! Located in Spain!! From Ongakusenkasha!!
"Hakusen Nagashi DVD-BOX" is now on sale since 2002/4/17!! Special Price 17,820yen!!
"Love Letter" was DVDized on 2001/03/07!! 4,700yen!

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