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Namie Amuro has retired on 2018/Sep/16! Thank you for your all works!
NEWS! MAX's 31st (their first since Mina came back!) single "Rough-Cut * Diamond" is released on 2009/07/22! Tie-up song with TV-Tokyo drama "Kariyushi Sensei Chiharu!"
NEWS! MAX have their reborn live tour! 4/25 @ Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan, 5/3 @ Aichi-ken Kinrou Kaikan, 5/5 @ Fukuoka City Hall, 5/10 @ C.C.Lemon Hall, 5/17 @ Miyagi Kenmin Kaikan, 5/30 @ Kanagawa Kenmin Hall!
Mina has come back!! (press release: 2008/10/28)
NEWS! MAX releases their best album "NEW EDITION -MAXIMUM HITS-" on 2008/12/10 including their new number "Are You Ready?"!!
I'm sorry to hear Aki parted from MAX on the end of August, 2008! (announced on 2008/08/13)
Amuro-san's 12th album "BEST FICTION" is released on 2008/07/30! (3,990yen w/DVD, AVCD-23650/B)
Amuro-san's 39th single "FUNKY TOWN" was released on 2007/04/04!
Amuro-san's Live DVD namie amuro BEST tour "Live Style 2006" was released on 2007/02/21!
NEWS! Reina's Solo Picture Book "R-017" is released on 2006/01/10 (from Bunka-sha)
Lina released Solo Picture Book "Monthly LINA" from Shincho-sha on 2006/12/11!!
MAX's first album for 4 years "Jewel of Jewels" is released on 2006/02/22!
Amuro-san's 10th album "Queen of Hip-Hop" was released on 2005/07/13! (3,059yen, AVCD-17692 / JAN: 4988064176922)

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