Amuro and MAX Analogue Press Collection

This is the list of my 12inch analogue disk collection. I know there are more analogue presses of Amuro & MAX in Japanese music market. I would be really happy if you share your info with me. Click here and register your info, please.
Namie Amuro
*TRY ME -Watashi Wo Shinjite- -B4 ZA BEAT MIX- (Namie Amuro with SUPER MONKEYS) c/w 1.Taiyo No Season(Namie Amuro) 2.Heart Ni Hi Wo Tsukete(Namie Amuro) *Stop the music (Namie Amuro) c/w STOP THE MUSIC <Y & CO REMIX> (SOPHIE) *SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS (NAMIE AMURO) SIDE-A.1.SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS SIDE-B.1.SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS(THE ALL OUT MIX) 2.SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS(INSTRUMENTAL) *LOVE 2000 (NAMIE AMURO) A-1.LOVE 2000-STRAIGHT RUN B-1.LOVE 2000-SYSTEM BREAKDOWN REMIX B-2.LOVE 2000-INSTRUMENTAL *GENIUS 2000 (NAMIE AMURO) (Double-disk set. Including the same songs as the CD album) *no more tears (namie amuro) A more tears (Junior Vasquez Remix) Remixed by Junior Vasquez / Additional Production by Gomi B more tears more tears (instrumental) Release Date: 2001/01/24 # In addition, "Taiyo No Season", "Body Feels Exit", "Don't Wanna Cry" # are also found to be analog-pressed(displayed in CISCO Shinjuku-Alta)
*Seventies (MAX) SIDE A: 1:Seventies 2:SUMMER TIME SIDE B: 1.Seventies <MOVE "HAPPY SANDBACK" MIX> 2.Seventies <MOVE MIX> *GET MY LOVE (MAX) SIDE A: 1.Original Mix 2.MOVE <Dream house> mix SIDE B: 1.MOVE Mix 2:MOVE <Hard house> mix *MAXIMUM (MAX) Side A 1.Love Love Fire 2.Extasy 3.Broken Heart Side B 1.Because I Need You 2.Reality 3.Stranger In The Night *Ginga No Chikai (MAX) Side A 1.Ginga No Chikai -Dub's Galactic Club Remix- 2.Ginga No Chikai -ORIGINAL MIX- Side AA 1.Ginga No Chikai -GROW SOUND MIX- 2.Sunny Holiday -ORIGINAL MIX- *Barairo No Hibi (MAX) SIDE A 1.Barairo No Hibi -BLESS BEAT MIX- 4:47 remixed by Shinichirou Murayama SIDE B 1.Barairo No Hibi (original mix) 3:51 2.Wired (original mix) 4:45 *But My Love (M&I) SIDE A 1.Original Mix Lyrics by Yusuke Sakamoto / GAKU Music & Arranged by Sakamoto SIDE AA 2.Za down town to earth mix Remixed by BANANA ICE for Shitamachi Brothers Special Project by MAX and ISSA of DAPUMP. Release Date: 2001/02/15 # In addition, "Koisuru Velfarre Dance", "Kiss me, Kiss me, Baby", # "TORA TORA TORA", "LOVE LOVE FIRE" are also found to be analog-pressed # (info on the internet)
*Velfarre J-Pop Night "Dance with You #1" Side A 1.Katte Ni Shiyagare/ZERO 2.S.O.S./MAX 3.Wanted/SPEED 4.Carmen '77/SPEED Side B 1.Kojin Jugyou/FOLDER 2.UFO/MAX 3.Tasogare My Love/Rina Chinen 4.Southpaw/SPEED *Velfarre J-Pop Night "Dance with You #2" (Details unknown because I haven't purchased)

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