NAMIE AMURO TOUR "AmR" 01 @ Zepp Tokyo

All-standing live house tour for the fan club members only.
It will be held in Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba, Tokyo.
Because the public transportation takes time,
I was to get late.
Because it was a standing live, a short person should go early.
  1. Let's Do The Motion
  2. I Have Never Seen
  3. Let's not fight
  4. I To You
  5. Say The Word
  6. Come back to me (m-flo)
  7. Kettobase (Utada Hikaru)
  8. Is This Love (EARTH)
  9. Asking Why
  10. Things I Collected
  11. Respect the Power of Love
  12. Next To You
  13. Better Days


  14. I will jump
  15. Say The Word
  My personal impressions were as follow.

Close to the stage
Zepp Tokyo is a live house with a capacity of 1000 people.
You were able to see the facial expression of Amuro-chan sufficiently
with the naked eye until the middle of the floor.
You'd be able to shake hands or to give presents
if you stand at the nearest row from the stage (laugh).

Good sound
It was a far better sound system compared to the hall or
the gymnasium that was not originally intended for live performances.
I enjoyed the sound quality and band performance at the same time.

Good view of the stage
You could not only see Amuro-chan, but also cool performances by the back dancers.
(Although they are different dancers than usual)

There was SAM
Although he was not always coming every time, SAM was sitting on the seat of
second floor seat.
When the fans waved their hands, SAM waved their hands back.
We were lucky to see their good relationship.

You would have souvenir on the way home
I was a fool who had left the live house without knowing that we could have a souvenir.
Don't forget to get a test tube on the way back (bitter smile).

Be sure to buy a magazine called GOUGAI.
You can see Amuro-chan's wedding appearance.
Or, I was surprised that her wedding appearance was not scooped
by any tablet magazines.