MAX LIVE CONTACT 2000 -No Boundly-

venue: Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium(Tokyo)
date: May 5th 18:00-20:00
  So excited, so sexy, so joyful, so funky.
  Here's the song list.

 0.Never gonna stop it(Video and rap only)
 1.Easy Easy
 2.MAGIC(new single)
 3.Love is Dreaming
 4.Give me a Shake
 5.Shinin' on Shinin' love
(change costume)
 6.So special love
 7.Issho Ni...
 8.Powder Shadow
10.Love impact
12.Ginga No Chikai
(change costume)
13.Only one
14.Get ready?
15.Never gonna stop it
16.I will
17.Hikari No VEIL
18.Ano Natsu He to
19.Ride on time