1.Easy Easy
 2.Give me a Shake
 4.I will
 5.Really love me
 6.Love is Dreaming
 8.I'll be with you
 9.Nobody else
10.Shinin' on - Shinin' love
12.Forever Song
13.Give me a Shake(deep dub remix)

  While Amuro-san released her wedding-congratulation maxi single on
  the same day, MAX has released a great second album. I mean this
  album is no more for-kids-only dance music collection like their
  first album, really sophisticated work.

  I really appreciate their change of style, mixture of ballad songs
  and mid-tempo R&B. Very contemporary taste. As Amuro-san did, they
  are also growing up with showing other side of their music.

  Personally I love a ballad track "I'll be with you" which is a simple
  love song. Their follower SPEED seems catching up their position,
  however, they still have more respectful music talent than this middle
  teen girls.