LOTTE Japan Audition Festival

at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan


I went to an Audition Festival which welcame many fantastic guest artists as shown below. Don't you think it's so wonderful?

Pre-Audition stage:

  1. MAX/Love is Dreaming
  2. SPEED/Wake Me Up
  3. DA PUMP/Feelin' Good -It's Paradise-
  4. Hitomi
  5. Tomomi Kahara/Hate tell a lie
  6. Hikaru Nishida
  7. Ryoko Shinohara
  8. Puffy/Asia No Junshin
  9. Namie Amuro/Can you celebrate?

Audition stage:

  1. SPEED/White Love
  2. Tomomi Kahara/Tanoshiku Tanoshiku Yasashikune
  3. MAX/shinin' on shinin' love
  4. DA PUMP/Love is the Final Liberty
  5. Puffy/Circuit No Musume
  6. Ryoko Shinohara
  7. Hitomi
  8. Hikaru Nishida
  9. Namie Amuro/dreaming I was dreaming

Yes, I first heard Namie's new single LIVELY. Slow jazzy R&B tune. I don't think this is a pop song, but it's very adult-oriented number. Lina of MAX has cut her hair short like Namie. To my sadness, Da Pump was only 3 members this day, KEN was absent because of leg injury.