MAX Live Contact 1999 "Sunny Holiday" 6/12(Sat) Ichihara Citizen Hall(Chiba pref.)

<Sat, 12 Jun 1999>
 1.Sunny Holiday
 2.Only One
 3.Love impact
 4.Really love me
 5.Love is Dreaming
 6.Private crime
 7.I'm in love
 8.Grace of my heart
 9.Not Alone
12.Shinin' on, shinin' love
13.Give me a Shake
14.Ano Natsu Heto
15.So Real
16.Ride on Time
17.Person I Need
18.Tora Tora Tora

  Their whole-Japan live tour has begun since March
  in Hadano City, Kanagawa-pref. And they are now finishing
  this hall-class tour in early July, Akita, and
  they will have arena-class tour in July-August.

  They are so cute on the stage because they are really
  enjoying having concerts and I think they are real
  professional live performers.

  They always show their smiles to us while singing and
  dancing. We also make cheering voices and shouts to them.
  # Especially Reina seems to me so cute!!!

  Starting out with a monochrome film in which they are
  driving highway. Singing "Sunny Holiday" in white long
  court continued from the film.

  In "Private crime", they are in spancole long dress, so
  sexy ^_^ Adult-oriented songs from "MAXIMUM GROOVE".

  We like MAX-question corner after "Give me a Shake".
  They answer the questions from each of us. We see
  their private profile.

  In encore, they are in tour-T-shirts and Jeans. They
  sing Eurobeat-medley. That's why many of us are also
  wearing tour-T-shirts. Of course me too!!

  Well, we are the one. We always call each member's name
  while singing each solo part. Finally after their stage,
  we made SAN-SAN-NANABYOSHI, clapping hands conglatulating
  their success of live performance.