These are the questions asked to the applicants in the Hawaii tour airplane in the middle of May.
  1. Namie Amuro's birthday is 20th September, 1997.
  2. The school of KARATE they learned in Okinawa is KOBAYASHI-GENBUKAN.
  3. Their first TV regular program in Super Monkeys era is "KATO & KEN Busters".
  4. They debuted 1992/9/15 as Super Monkeys.
  5. She played as Tomoko Mamiya in "Ichigo Hakusho", her first drama activity.
  6. Tieup of "DANCING JUNK" is Lotte Muscut gum.
  7. Radio drama "Tokyo Mambo Girls" broadcasted on 1993/8/2, and its original story was serially published in the comic magazine "Shojo Friend".
  8. She played Yuki Uchida's younger sister in "Toki Wo Kakeru Shojo".
  9. Credit became Namie Amuro only since "Taiyo No Season".
  10. She was in black in the jacket of "Stop the music".
  11. Her first payed concert was at Nakano Sunplaza.
  12. It was "DJ GROOVE" video that was sold in 1995/9/1.
  13. The opening number of 1995/12/27 Okinawa convention center concert was "Body Feels EXIT".
  14. They sang "TRY ME" when they firstly appeared in NHK "KOHAkUUTAGASSEN".
  15. She won "Hososho" in the 33th Golden Arrow Award.
  16. In her first motion picture "That's Cunning", she co-played with Masahiro Matsuoka of TOKIO.
  17. She has a camera in her hands in the jacket of "SWEET 19 BLUES" single.
  18. She accepted an interview by AP communication, broadcasting latest news to the whole world, and they broadcasted her interview to 600 TV stations in the whole world in August, 1996.
  19. Wani Books published her first picture book "#1977920".
  20. She won Best Dressers Prize in 1996.
  21. She won the Grand Prix in the 38th Japan Record Grand Prix.
  22. She made the first throw in the opening ceremony at Yomiuri Giants Official Game. At that time, Giants fought against Chunichi Dragons.
  23. In May of 1997, she co-worked with globe and Tomomi Kahara at the Taiwan concert.
  24. Osaka Dome concert on 1997/7/26 was postponed because of her illness.
  25. She had Peking and Shanghai concerts in China in November, 1997.
  26. She sang "CAN YOU CELEBRATE?" in the NHK KOHAKU UTAGASSEN of 1997, and its peak time watchers rate was 59.1%.
  27. Her first single since the maternal rest "I HAVE NEVER SEEN" tied up with Kose Vissee.
  28. In the Final Summer Dream Stage at Chiba Marine Stadium in August, 1999, she finally sang "Don't wanna cry".
  29. Dallas Austin, the producer of "SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS" has ever also produced Boyz II Men.
  30. She appeared the last year's NHK KOHAKU UTAGASSEN, which was her continuous 5th appearance. At the same time, it was 50th anniversary of that program.