Namie Amuro 1997 "a walk in the park" tour at Hamamatsu Arena(5/Apr)

(black enamelled twopieces)

 1.Let's Do The Motion
 2.You're my sunshine
 3.(missed that title)

(MC & costume change: cotton onepiece)

 4.Joy (
 5.I'll Jump

(costume change: black raincoat)

 6.Rainy Dance
 7.I was a fool

(costume change: black shirt and jean bottom)

 9.Sweet 19 Blues
10.Taiyo no season(Bossa nova mix)

(MC & costume change: pure white suits)

11.Body feels Exit
12.Chase the chance
13.a walk in the park
14.Can you celebrate?

(MC,black and yellow onepiece)

15.Try Me
16.Get My Shinin'
17.Don't wanna cry

  Pretty good concert without not being followed by Supermonkeys

  First cool thing is that on the curtain before she appears there
  plays a short film. It seems to be Amuro-chan in NY. When she gets
  into the door, the curtain is removed and she starts singing on the
  stage!! She sings "JOY" with virtual m.c.A.T. in the screen right
  of her. Her figure is very cool in the black raincoat singing "Rainy
  Dance". My most favorite today is "Taiyo no season". It is mixed as
  a bossa nova version. Pretty snob with the accoustic guitar sound.
  Her real singing career leads to "Can you celebrate?". It is a
  really wonderful shot.
  I don't expect she sings Eurobeat tunes, but in the encore stage she
  sings "Try Me". I was really excited.
  Crowd is really excited even they are still good-mannered. Nice
  concert. What's next? Yes, dome tour.