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< Entertainment > Room ? beauty blessing divorces with SAM cheaply!
Catastrophe at 4 year 9 month
 The singer, cheaply room ? beauty blessing (24) with SAM = autonym *
Maruyama Masa warm = of dance vocal group " TRF " (40) it understood to 18
days that you have divorced, the = photograph . It became the catastrophe at
4 year 9 month from lightning marriage of the popularity singer and the
capability group dancer. The divorce 2 being something which the SAM office
authorized personnel recognizes, according to that, the divorce report 2 to
this day to the Tokyo port Ward Office was submitted and was accepted. It is
cheap, the room and as for SAM you got married to October of 1997, at that
time the room became pregnant cheaply, gave birth to the eldest son in next
year May.
Because of childbirth * childcare, NHK " crimson white song battle " of the
same year coming to an end 1 years it suspends business lastly, reopens
activity in the crimson white song battle of the following 10 year coming to
an end. After the returning the room developed activity cheaply, favorably
gained popularity as " a founder of the ???? ".
It came well and showed the way of the father e.g., it appears in little
child conversion measure * parenting campaign of the copy that either SAM of
the husband, the Ministry of Health and Welfare " the father does not call
the man who does not do childcare, ".