Midsummer Marine Live 1998

Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 18:30-22:40 JST
Place: Chiba Marine Stadium, Chiba, Japan.
  I just came back from "Midsummer Marine Live" at Chiba Marine
  Stadium now. Other performers than MAX are: Favorite Blue, move,
  Every Little Thing(partly broadcasted by TBS-TV program
  "Mega-Hit Live"), Rina Chinen, Yurimari, Mission, Da Pump.
  MAX was the last performer.

 *Shinin'on, Shinin' love
 *Give me a Shake
 *Love Love Fire
 *Ride on Time
 *Hikari No Veil
 *So Real
 *Easy Easy

  Fortunately we avoided raining in the concert from typhoon-coming
  today. The same Sound Effect as that of their Spring Tour made me
  so crazy!! I was also excited with the Eurobeat medley from "GET
  MY LOVE!"-"Love Love Fire". They announced their new single
  "Grace of my heart", but they didn't sing it today. Fireworks
  after their performance was so beautiful.