Tokyo Dome Live on 2/Aug, 1997

  Today it is as hot as hell!!
  Well, I'm now in Tokyo Dome, we've had a great time with Namie's
  great singing and dancing!!
  Tokyo Dome is so huge a concert place that I can't count how many
  people are here in Big Egg(nickname of the dome).

(Black Seethrough One piece)
 1.Close Your Eyes, Close To You
 2.I Was A Fool
(MC and costume change(white suits))
 4.Don't Wanna Cry
 5.A Walk In The Park
 6.No Communication
(costume change(black two pieces)
 8.Concentration 20
(black onepiece with red images)
 9.Sweet 19 Blues
10.B w/z You
(black leather twopieces)
11.Body Feel Exit
13.Chace The Chance
(black gown with gold lines)
14.How to be a girl
(Encore: white tunktop and long pants)
15.Let's do the motion
16.You're my Sunshine
17.Can you celebrate?
18.Me Love Peace

  Thought it was a pretty sophisticated live performance.
  I mean her singing and dancing performance was greater
  than ever. It is really worth encountering how she sings
  and dances in the stage with back dancers!!
  On the other hand, I was really excited with her slow
  songs. Look how she is beatiful while singing "B w/z
  You" or "Can you celebrate?". You must check them
  when the live video is released.