MAX LIVE CONTACT 1998 "max up your life"

Place: Pastoral Kazo(Saitama pref)
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 16:30-18:30

*Shinin' on Shinin' love *Wonderland *Really love me *Nobody else *Endless love *Seventies *Reality *TORA TORA TORA *Ecstacy *Stranger in the Night *I'll be with you *Forever Song *Hikari no Veil *So Real *Give me a Shake *Love is Dreaming *HARMONY *Easy Easy Encore: *Love Love Fire *I Will Pastoral Kazo is pretty far from Tokyo, about 1 hour by train. It was pretty small hall, however, I could see them very near!! (about 5m distance?) Maybe I could make eye-contact with Reina!! Of course their Eurobeat dancing is so great, on the other hand, their beautiful love songs were really moving in the concert. In addition, we are the first people who experienced their latest(9th) single "Hikari no Veil" and coupling song "So Real". Their MC(mainly by Mina) digest was as follows: We were really nervous because it was first time to sing in front of our fans since last September, but you are really excited and so we got excited, too! We had a a week break in early year(maybe after Osakajo concert?) Reina and Mina went back to Okinawa and we played with our old friends. Nana went to Paris and got relaxed. Lina went to Hawaii but she was disappointed with rainy days. And there is a news! We release our new single "Hikari no Veil" on April 22th. This is the first stage that we sing this new song....