MAX whole-Japan tour "max up your life" final live at Yoyogi National Stadium first Gymnasium

<Sun, 31 May 1998 18:00-20:30>
  The final stage of MAX's whole-Japan tour was a very impressive one
  because we Japanese TRYME-ML has given a flower stand for MAX, because
  I know their joys and troubles* among their live tour since members of
  TRYME sent us live reports from all over Japan.

  I loved to see Reina playing Kendama during the member introduction,
  I shared Mina's happiness while she talks in crying tone, I enjoyed
  myself so much when they sang "Koisuru Velfarre Dance" in a-cappella,
  I was moved by their private photos taken while they moved in Shinkansen
  trains on the big screen. In anyways, they are GREAT!

  Finally, here's the song list:

  *Shinin' on Shinin' love
  *Really love me
  *Nobody else
  *Endless love

  *Stranger in the Night
  *Love Love Fire!

  *I'll be with you
  *Forever Song
  *Hikari No Veil
  *So Real
  *Give me a Shake
  *Love is Dreaming
  *Easy Easy

  *Love Love Fire
  *I Will
  *Forever Song

  *One thing is that MAX got 3 years old on 10/May. They debuted 3 years
  ago with "Koisuru Velfarre Dance". The other thing is that Namie has
  delivered a boy baby!! You know MAX and Namie used to be tied as