AmR members' only live tour schedule

Last Update: 2001.09.03
The following is the schedule of the FANCLUB MEMBER ONLY live hour tour.
10/17(Wed)Nagoya Club Diamond Hall 17:30/18:30
10/18(Thu)Nagoya Club Diamond Hall 17:30/18:30
10/20(Sat)Zepp Osaka17:00/18:00
10/21(Sun)Zepp Osaka17:00/18:00
10/25(Thu)Zepp Tokyo18:00/19:00
10/26(Fri)Zepp Tokyo18:00/19:00
11/02(Fri)Zepp Sapporo17:30/18:30
11/06(Tue)Zepp Sendai17:30/18:30
11/10(Sat)Zepp Fukuoka17:00/18:00

All Standing / 6,000yen/person(w/tax)