We Love Music, We Love Earth '97 at Yoyogi National Sports Stadium

1.Tora Tora Tora 2.Seventies (change costume & MC) 3.So Much In Love 4.Reality 5.Summer Time (change costume) 6.Get My Love! 7.Extacy 8.Stranger In The Night (MC) 9.Give me a Shake 10.Love Love Fire This concert is an anniversary for the Earth Day, 22/Apr. MAX co- worked with Eternal from USA. This live was/will be broadcast by more than 1000 stations and to 30 countries. At first, Eternal appeared. I felt it was not bad. But I couldn't get crazy with their mid-tempo R&B music ^^;;(I don't mean they sucks) Enjoyed listening relaxed. Well, MAX went whole stage with highspeed dancebeat with little MC and costume changes. I really enjoyed their hightentioned nonstop Eurobeat music. Hmm, bad thing was its time schedule. At the beginning, the moderator Katsuya Kobayashi introduced Eternal but we had to wait for several minutes till they appeared on the stage. We made ENCORE calls after MAX left the stage, but in vain, the show totally ended up. It was very disappointing to me. E-Mail: sana@McLaren.tis.co.jp URL: http://user.globe.or.jp/acid/