J-POP NIGHT presents Dance With You

There took place a CD release party for the tribute album dedicated to Aku Yuu, one of the biggest songwriter in J-POP history. He was celebrated for the anniversary of 30-year songwriting history. Here are the artists who re-made his masterpieces and who performed in this party.
  1. Folder - New comer of young dance and chorus group, 2 boys and 5 girls. Singing "Kojin Jugyo".
  2. D&D - Olivia sang "Watashi No Aoi Tori" and "Cinderella Honeymoon"
  3. SPEED - Secret guest!!! crowd goes crazy!! Eriko and Hiroko sang "Carmen '77" and "South Paw". Bravo!!

  4. ZERO - guy and lady's duo, singing "Katte Ni Shiyagare".
  5. D-LOOP - 2 guys and a lady, singing "Romance".
  6. MAX - Nothing to say. Yes, they are PERFECT!! Jaguar-simulated tunktop costumes were so good. Sang "SOS", "UFO", "Dounimo Tomaranai", and "Seishun Jidai". Great^3.

It's incredible that it's free for these special artists!!(with invitation card included in Dance With You CD)