At first in September 1992, Supermonkey's started to be Namie Amuro
  (she used to be just one of the members, not a leader), Minako Ameku,
  Nanako Takushi, Hisako Aragaki, Anna Makino, 5 girls. Before their
  second single "Dancing Junk" Anna left the group(Dec/1992), and Rino
  Nakasone participated.
  Rino would have firstly appeared at Sapporo Yukimatsuri(Snow Festival)
  in February, but she couldn't because of her appenditis. Soon she parted
  from the group in March. After that, they called themselves "Super-
  Monkeys 4". After 4th single "Paradise Train" was released, Hisako
  left. Before 5th single "Try Me" they welcame Reina Miyauchi and
  Ritsuko Matsuda.
  These five members remained till their 9th single "Chase the Chance"
  and the performance at Chiba Marine Stadium on 1/Sep/96. Since then
  Amuro has been independent.
  Since 4th single Namie has been called as a leader of the group.
  After the breakout of "Try Me", they, without Amuro, debuted as
  MAX from AVEX TRAX. The members call themselves as the following
  Nanako Takushi = Nana
  Minako Ameku = Mina
  Reina Miyauchi = Reina
  Ritsuko Matsuda = Lina (formerly spelled as Rina)
  Mina suddenly married with Shin'ichi Inoue, one of their concert staff
  on 2002/01/30. For awhile they worked as 3 members (only for each
  member's solo picture books). New MAX started with Aki (Aki Maeda,
  former member of HIPS) on 2002/07/18 through announcement in Velfarre,