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Conglatulations! KENZO has won the Lock Dance Prize of "EURO BATTLE WORLD FINAL" for 2 years!
ISSA & SoulJa's single "Breathe" was released on 2010/09/22!(c/w "Destiny") CD+DVD:1,800yen(inc/tax)AVCD-16215/B CD:1,050yen(inc/tax)AVCD-16216
New DA PUMP's 1st (totally 26th) single "SUMMER RIDER" was released on 2009/07/15! ASIN: B002AOWVME (with DVD) ASIN: B002AOWVMO (CD only)
YUKINARI parted from DA PUMP on 2008/12/17! New DA PUMP welcomes 7 new members!!
Their second best album "Da Best of Da Pump 2+4" was released on 2006/03/08!!
5th original album "LEQUIOS" was released on 2005/12/28!!

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