NEWS! 9th original album "MOVE LIKE THIS" is released on 2012/07/04! (Initial press[CD+DVD] PCCA-03611 / 3,800yen (TAX.IN)ANormal press[CD ONLY] PCCA-03612 / 3,000yen (TAX.IN))
30th single "FLY HIGH" was released on 2012/02/22!
10th anniversary tour DVD "w-inds. BEST LIVE TOUR 2011 FINAL at Nippon Budokan" was released on 2012/03/14!
Tachibana Keita's 2nd single "FRIEND" was released on 2007/05/02! Theme from TV-Tokyo Anime programs "BLUE DRAGON"!
Tacchibana Keita's solo photobook " to you" was published on 2007/04/19! (published by Seishisha, 3,000yen inc/tax, ISBN-10: 4903853012 / ISBN-13: 978-4903853017)
Regular radio program "w-inds.'s Windy Street" ends with 7 years old on 2008/10/05(Sun) on Nippon Hoso(LF+R)!!
Their fanclub "w-inds. day" started!!

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