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NACCHAN announced her RETIREMENT!! (2003.10.07)
Digital photobook NAKED ANGEL Shirai Natsu is now on sale!!
NEWS! She plays in the coming V-Cinema "Bakuretsu Pachinko Battle Sasurai No Gambler-hen" (former title: "Sasurai No Pachinker") !! (Directed by Nagaoka Hisaaki, MAIN CAST: Asada Mayu, Nakano Goh, Release Date: 2004/01/09)
She plays in the V-Cinema "Sento Munmun Paradise" which is released on 2003/11/06!!
She plays in the V-Cinema "YRICK" which is on rent since 2003/07/22!!
Online picture book "Kun-Kun Shiyouyo" now on sale!!
Online picture book "Ana Sui" now on sale!!
She plays a role of MIKO in the coming V-Cinema "Jorou 2" (Main Cast: Okamoto Atsuko) which was released on 4/25!!
She plays a MAIN ROLE as a NURSE in the V-Cinema "Newcomer Nurse Haruka / Shameful Job" which was released on 5/25!!

Shirai Natsu-chan is our BEST PHOTOGENIC IDOL that used to be a nurse!!
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