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NEWS! Photo-sessions in Yokohama-city will be held on 2004/07/18(Sun)!!
"Nakatani Kaori Shinjuku-Head Power Live DVD" is now on sale!!
NEWS! She attends live events at 5/5 Club Phase, Takadanobaba, 5/17 Live Inn Magic, Yotsuya, 6/18+8/20 Head Power, Shinjuku Gyoen!!
She writes regular essays "Maicching Kaori-Sensei" on the magazine "Gachinko"!! (since April, 2004)
NEWS! Kaori-san will act in the motion picture by Kawasaki Minoru "Ika Wrestler" which will roadshow on coming July 17th!!
CONGRATULATIONS! "Maicching Machiko Sensei" as No.4 of annual V-Cinema rental chart in 2003!!
Diary-mail service with movable images and photos "Sugao No Kokuhaku" started since 2003/12!!
Maicching Machiko-Sensei contents (portable-phone bell-movie "Maicching") starts in "au" since 2003/9/10!!
Available Machines: A5303H,A5305K,A5401CA,A5303H IIA5402S,A5306ST,A1304T, A1401K,A1303SA #Newer machines will be available.
She will appear in the video "Gokudo Deka" from TMC released on 2003/12/22!!
"Maicching Machiko-Sensei II" was released on 2003/09/22!! (Story-oriented work)
Original Soundtrack CD of "Maicching Machiko-Sensei" was released on July 22nd!! (Includes 2 new songs, 1 duet with Migita-san as role of Yamagata-sensei, in addition to 2 songs in the DVD!!)
J-Phone starts "Pocket-Voice"(Arrival-Voice) Service!!
Docomo Arrival-Voice service started since 2002/9/11!!
Docoal service ended on June, 2nd, 2002, and Docomo Photogravure-Idol Mail started on June, 3!!
Starts downloading site of Arriving melodies & Waiting screens for potable phones (registration free)
She writes regular essays on "APPLE TSUUSHIN"!!

Sorry, you can't have any photos of her at this site.:-)
This is a site where I introduce her incredible fascination to all the people visiting here and I hope there will be more and more gentle fans of her.
Welcome! Please help yourself!

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