fan space '04 @ Zepp Tokyo

Although I came home with a haste to see "Churasan 3",
I went to see Amuro-chan to Zepp Tokyo.
My impression was as following.

Before the performance, A PV shooting making sequence of "Alarm" and
"ALL FOR YOU" was shown in the screen. Cute and pretty Amuro-chan,
who was relaxed in the back stage.
What did she picked up by the seaside? Globefish?
(It was behind so I could not see it well)
As it was her 27th birthday, she was talking about her ambitions
in the first (or the last) MC.
She didn't look 27 years old. I can't believe it (^ o ^).
She made little MC as usual. So, her stage performance goes fast
with 16 songs. As a fan club event, We would get more excited
when we did a lottery ^o^
LUCIDO-L CM-PV was shown before the encore.
It was much more her image video than one of the CM.
The presence of Amuro-chan is extremely more than the product (laugh).
She changed her 4 hairstyles, which caused cheering from the venue.
So, the new songs used in the CM, "SPEED STAR" and "GIRL TALK"
were in the encore. This was also cool!
At last, her birthday cake came to the stage.
She blew 27 candles (^ o ^)
Then, a present from the band master was Muscat grapes.
The last number was "Aishite Muscat"!
I last expected that she sang a songs of the SuperMonkeys era works.
So the venue was really excited and I also jumped and jumped (laugh).
This was a precious live.
But the pleasant time flew so quickly.
Order of the songs is as below.
Since I am not confident at all (there is a blank space :-)),
I was wondering if anyone who remember please support me (_ o _)
I thought it was understandable personally.
The first half were R & B numbers. Then middle were hip hop tunes.
The second half were ballad songs.
I think that it was a good set of songs.
Since "Come" was a trans song, it had a strong impression.

1.Namie's Style
3.So Crazy
4.Don't Lie To Me
6.Four Seasons
9.shine more
11.Wishing on the same star
12.Indy Lady
16.Aishite Mascut